Mind control.

The world of drugs.


There are pills to make you happy, pills to make you focus, even pills to “calm your nerves“.   Why? How are these small, yet powerful mixtures of chemicals able to control our thoughts, actions, and state of mind? The obvious answer to how pills work, is that the chemicals in the pills, in conjunction with the chemical makeup within our brains and bloodstreams, causes our body to have a reaction to the foreign substance.

Im not a chemist, this is commonsense.

But what about those psychoactive  pills that affect our emotions and behaviors, and change our perception and consciousness? How would one know that one pill will make a person sleepy, while the other pill would have a person in an almost animal-like state of mind? (see ecstasy)

The pharmaceutical industry is easily one of the most powerful, yet least talked about entities in our society. We rely on them. We almost feel as if we need them to an extent and these companies know that. I personally can’t name a person, including myself, that has not subjected themselves to the power of a pill at least once. But what the pharmaceutical industry also knows is the power of these pills. They create an addiction off of something we feel like helps us (in most cases they don’t) and profit off of it.

This leads to the deeper point: If these companies can profit off of addictive drugs that they create and that can also alter our conscious, would that not mean that they are essential establishing a form of mind control over the population? Think about it like this: If I made you and everyone around you feel as if you had a problem (see ADHD), and gave you something  (Ritalin) that changed the way you thought and behaved, would you not keep wanting to take that pill that made you “normal”? What if I made a pill, that once you began to take it for a while and suddenly stopped, you go through zombie like withdrawals? (see xanax)  Would you not continue use this pill to avoid that state of being?

These companies have the power to control the way we think and feel and I’m afraid of the future, as this industry is relatively new. I fear that eventually these companies will create pills that control the way that society as a whole behaves, and forces us into some uniform society.

Ok I’m talking crazy now, but maybe one day they will find the cure to cancer or HIV/AIDS with the billions they receive for “research” every year. But that’s for another topic on another day..


By Keith Haynie, Editor in Chief


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