come thru. 

Is our generation really that bad at dating?

I really hate hearing “this generation.. (insert problem here)”.

I be might one of the few to say it, but I’m actually a fan of our generation.

Especially when it comes to our romantic displays.

People often try to compare our generation with those of the past, and while there are some similarities and differences (some drastically more impactful than others), I feel as if we have progressed rather than regressed in the way that we date and communicate now.

My take on this whole divide is simple: Men haven’t changed, Women have.

Yeah, us guys aren’t always asking to go out on dates anymore, we’d rather watch Netflix at home. Yeah, sometimes we’ll send women a DM, before we come up to them in person. We might send  👀’s (eyes)  now instead of a love letter or using some corny pick up lines to get you in our beds. All of these things that we do in our generation may be “different”, but really has the motive changed? Are we not the same savage, if not less of a savage then the men of generations before us. We have the same goals, the same natural, uncontrollable “thirst” (hormones) as men have always had. Is it our fault that our generation has developed technologies for us to do the same things that we as men have always done?

Was a cat-call in 1980, not the equivalent of a DM or 😍😍’s in 2017? Was a phone call or “page” at 2am, not the same as the eye’s 👀 or a come thru text at the same time?

No, our intentions as Men haven’t changed, although the way we go about them have.

However, the Women of our generation have changed. I believe that women are a lot tougher now than they have been before, because they command more respect and effort.

It wasn’t too long ago at all, that women weren’t generally viewed as being equals to men, throughout the entire course of our human history. The women of our generation are now commanding respect and status that we as men have never afforded to them before. In our generation of high visibility, the equality for all in all aspects of life, has come to the forefront of social/cultural change. A lot of women of our generation have begun to adapt to these changes, value themselves as more worthy than just a “come thru” text or a couple of heart eyes, more respectable than a cat-call. And this feeling of greater self-worth is starting to extend far outside of just relationships and romantics, but to every other part of their lives as well.

When the argument of “hating this generation” comes up with women, I generally see it gearing towards a perceived lack of chivalry and patience amongst men. A frustration with us not putting forth the seemingly sufficient amount of effort. But are these feelings completely fair to Men? Are men not just victims of the times and new technologies?  Will “this generation” be given the time to adapt to this new era of male and female equality?  When I hear the argument of “hating this generation” that comes from men, it sways in the direction of men being frustrated with women, “being like men now”. I think this is evidence of us as men succumbing to the transition of equality in this new era, where we are no longer sure if the usual double standard applies anymore.

Sometimes I do understand the hate of certain aspects of our generation, but I feel like if we are going to accept some aspects, we can’t abstain from the others. Rather than hate our generation, I admire the way that we have adapted to the fast pace changes of the world around us, all while remaining true to our innate aspirations and actions as humans.



By Keith Haynie, Editor in Chief 


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