last week I hit a pedestrian.

fate and a couple of small decisions.

The strangest things always happen to me.

It was Thursday afternoon and I was getting out of class kind of early, about to head back home, the usual routine. I was walking back to my car in East Deck (UNCC), when I checked my phone  and saw the “lets hoop 🏀” text. I get to my car and realize that I don’t have any hooping shorts on me. This causes me to sit parked in my car for 10-unkowingly life changing minutes, contemplating A) Going all the way home and getting my stuff or B) Getting one of my boys to bring me some shorts to play in so I don’t have to go home.

Naturally I went with option B. This is when shit goes south.

Remember that I said I had gotten out of class early? Well after sitting in the car, making The Decision, it’s around 4:50-5 O’clock now. If you’ve never been to UNCC, just know that traffic on campus is craziest around 5 O’clock.

I’m on my way to park closer to the Belk Gym, coming down the big hill in front of the Union. As usual, there is a lot of traffic and I’m in the intersection about to turn left, when I noticed the car behind me getting a little too close in my rearview mirror.I kept turning left, and then boom.

Didn’t see him until dude was up in the air and laid out on the ground.

I literally can’t make this up. I hit somebody in the crosswalk.

Thankfully bro was alright, just a big knot on his forehead, but that was still some unbelievably wild shit.

Let me tell you, if you’ve never hit a person, trust me it’s not something you want to do. For more than the obvious reasons. It’s nerve wracking as hell, and now every time I see people in the crosswalk I get super paranoid. Every turn I make is with the upmost caution. I don’t wanna live my life like this.

Why do such seemingly small decisions have the biggest impacts?  We’ve all been there before where we think “If I wouldn’t have done ____, then ____ wouldn’t have happened”. That was definitely me Thursday. What if I would’ve went home to get my own shorts instead?

But from that question, one could form so many other questions of fate. What if I would’ve never met the person who sent the “lets hoop” text in the first place? What if me hitting the dude with the car saved him from something else? I think that every single decision we make, somehow has an effect on the world, no matter how big or small that impact is. Fate is starting to seem like an endless compilation of random decisions, made by people impossibly unknowing of the true results.

I never would’ve thought that saving myself some time would end up like it did Thursday.


By Keith Haynie, Editor in Chief



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