40 talk.

its 1:47am. I am admittedly a little drunk, fuck.

I haven’t talked to y’all in a minute. Things have changed. I’ve grown or declined, depends on who you ask. These days I don’t care who you ask. I live on my own accord. I don’t need you checking on/me.

You is not You.

You is every and anything that’s ever hold me back from doing whatever it is that I wanted. That damn box somebody else made sucked.

I sucked.

Not to You, well at least not to all of You.

But I sucked to me. Me. How I wanted to do things, who I am, Me. Me is just as important. I know that it should be “I am just as important” there but, style.

I stopped fucking writing as frequently because I had been reading and writing my whole life, for someone else, and it was good.  But it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I mean it was but, drunk. So excuse me

I grew up reading (I was really in the field) novels. And by grew up, I mean starting around age 7 I was taking down Harry Potters. Breaking AR-point records, literally.

Remember those days?


So yeah 7yrsOld + school*college*1000essays* you get the point.

“Ima do better tho”, said the nigga.


I KO’d last night and didn’t finish my point. So there’s that. And here are these PBR’s and a 12 pack of new subject.

actually just realized that I’m sozzled so not to much more I can give here but this gym:

I love curly hair, but that demon always forgets to love me back.



just realized I put gym instead of “gem”. maybe Siri trying to show me I should work on things, goodnight for real .



Keith Haynie

Editor in Chief


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