screwed, not screw-head, the Interview.

2018 Skrewhed.


I promise “skrewhed” is pronounced the same way as screwed. I know this because I made the word. I literally just added and swapped my initials, K-W-H, into the word screwed. Pretty cool right? Maybe somebody will see this and have that ah-ha moment, idk. This is a big deal because i’m at about 70% for people that come up to me and say Screw-Head.  “How’s Screw-Head doing?”, “When’s the next Screw Head shit dropping?”, “How you say it, Screw Head right?”. The other 30% can be broken down into about 20% that just give up and ask me how to say it (real MVPs) and the other 10%, just blah.

One day if the Screw-Head clout takes over, I’ll just say forget it and use the clout name.


What is Skrewhed? 

To answer that Skrewhed is my creative outlet, and is the platform. Originally, skrewhed started off as a blog for things that I was writing at the time. It was really just a way to release how I was feeling about stuff. But now skrewhed has grown into so much more for me, and eventually it will grow into much more for all. Skrewhed is the outlet, and the outlet is the brand.


What’s next for though? 

Ahhhh, a lot. In 2017, I kind of got away from the site because of a number of factors (school, alcohol, traveling, camera, depression, etc). 2018 marks the beginning of me turning over to the people. I want skrewhed to become the platform for the unheard and unseen. Art, Music, Dope Visuals, Written Pieces. All of it. I’m opening up and I want everyone that feels like they have dope shit, but no platform, to just submit and skrewhed will be your platform. Even if you have already have a platform, submit. I want to grow into one of the dopest For The Culture websites on the east coast, starting right here in North Carolina. I feel like NC is a hotbed of FTC shit, but everyone is just busy trying to make it on their own without supporting anybody else or looking for support from places that don’t know shit about em. I look at a place like Chicago, and from the outside in, it just looks like there is more collaboration between creators there, through channels like Lyrical Lemonade and Fake Shore Drive, and through artist in general. I feel like Charlotte can be a hub like that too, and I want to lead that wave.


So how would somebody be able to get their content on

Couple different ways:

  1. Submit! Just go to the “Submit” tab and submit there
  2. Or you could email me at
  3. Orr you could just hit me up on social media, Twitter (@behaynie_) IG: (@_haynie and @skrewhed) and we can go from there


What’s your inspiration for

Charlotte. Charlotte is just so dope man. Coming from Kinston, NC (BIG 252!), I’ve never been around this many people on a legit mission. That’s what it is. There are so many like minded, ambitious, and creative people out here, and I just want to bring all of that together for the world to see honestly. I’ve been too a lot of places and I just feel like Charlotte (North Carolina in general) needs to be seen and heard.


What all does skrewhed (you) do though?

Shit, sometimes I just get on my computer and GO. Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, I just like to create, and I’ve always been a pretty good writer. Growing up, I couldn’t draw and computers weren’t really what they are now, but I was always really good on the computer at everything. So now I can just hop up here and change whatever into whatever I want it to be. It’s funny because I’m partially color blind, but all of my videos and pictures that I edit, are either super colorful or super dark. That’s my style.

And no I’m NOT a photographer, I just get lucky with pictures sometimes. I’ll edit tf out of your picture though.

I edit pictures, videos, write, and run this site. That’s what skrewhed does haha. That’s skrewhed.


To end it, whats a major goal that you have for  

I want to have a big festival right here in Charlotte. Skrewhed Fest. Featuring the dopest artists/producers/videographers/photographers/etc that NC has to offer. Just having a chance to showcase what they got and network, all at Skrewhed Fest. It’ll be lit, one day.








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