about skrewhed.com from the creator, Keith Haynie. Follow him on twitter @beahaynie_

The whole idea of Skrewhed started in early 2016 when I was making mixes on Virtual Dj under the moniker “Skrewh” (“skrewhed” is pronounced the same way you would pronounce “screwed”, the “ed” was added just because). The K, W, and H are a play on my initials into the word screwed, because most of the ideas and art that skrewhed hosts are trippy/weird/unique, just skrewhed.

The website skrewhed.com was created because I needed a place too put my writings outside of Microsoft word. I was going through a rough time and the website was private for the longest time until I finally decided to release it to the public in early August of 2016.

Skrewhed started off as a blog exclusively for my written work and eventually became the host for my photography and videography, and has since transformed into a platform for all different types of dope art,

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, The ultimate goal of skrewhed.com is to give a platform for the talented and overlooked to be seen and heard by the world. Just to be given a chance create hope in the hopeless and that’s all that skrewhed aims to do.